red eye reasons and Your virtual cameras answer



red eye reasons and Your virtual camera answer

cameras red-eye reasons occurs when the flash reflects in the problem’s eyes, giving them a pink glint.
You’ve visible the scary demon-eye impact that takes place whilst the digital camera flash bounces off the eye of someone or puppy.  An in any other case super picture can be ruined by this.  Technically, this is called red-eye and is caused when the pupil of your subject’s eye is wide open and the light from the camera’s flash reflects off the subjects retina. In people, the color ends up red; in pets, the color is often green.

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red eye causes and photo editing

Many photo editing programs include a  red eye  correction filter, but this may not allow your photograph subject to appear “normal.  These filters also do not work on the green effect produced in a pet’s eyes.  Photo stores sell pens that are used to clear up red eye, but again they are not always natural-looking and do not work on the green.  The best thing is to prevent the demon-eye effect from the start.

Solution for helps you : filter Photoshop can reduce red eye .

plugin name  AlphaPlugins RedEYes  free you can find in google and auto-install whith Photoshop  next-next and launch Photoshop see pic .



select red eye in picture and auto remove red eye.



It is rare to find a digital camera that does not come with a red eye reduction feature.  This feature can be turned off or on.  It is best left on in all circumstances other than direct sunlight.  The red-eye reduction feature works by flashing a short burst of light at your subject before you snap the picture.  This burst of light causes the subject’s pupil to close and makes it less likely for the camera’s flash to reflect off the retina. This in turn reduces the chance of  red eye .

It also helps to direct the flash of your camera so it does not directly hit your subject’s eyes.  Bouncing the flash off a nearby wall or other object will soften its effect and reduce the chances of this unwanted malady.  Between bouncing the flash and using your digital camera’s red-eye reduction feature, your little angel, whether human or animal, will have eyes that don’t glow.

The idea is that the light causes the iris of the eye to shut down a little, thereby lessening the chances of a reflection when the final flash goes off , you can see photography-basic-light



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