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Specializing in Digital Content Marketing and Development, Public Relations and Advertising Campaigns

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Welcome to Debra Lopez Public Relations

One of the Best Advertising Agencies in Milwaukee

Debra Lopez Public Relations is one of Milwaukee’s top PR firms and advertising companies. We assist businesses and individuals with publicity, advertising, marketing, product launches, and digital content marketing strategies.

Public Relations

Our Milwaukee public relations services ensure your business becomes a trusted resource for your current and future clients. We provide only the best PR services to increase your brand recognition and help you maintain your image as the expert in your industry. Public relations services include:

PR Campaigns
Business Consulting
PR Writing
Advertising Campaigns
Event Planning & Support
Media Marketing & Branding
Product Launches

Web Marketing

Debra Lopez Public Relations provides dependable digital content and web marketing services in Milwaukee areas. Web marketing is a necessary tool to get ahead of the competition today. We stay abreast of the latest industry trends to ensure you always have the latest digital strategies available. Our quality services include:

Responsive Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)
Social Media Management & Implementation
Company Blog Implementation
Website Mobilization
Reputation Management


We utilize the best video recording equipment and editing software to bring you the highest quality videography services in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our videographers write compelling scripts and produce captivating videos for anything you need. Milwaukee videography services from Debra Lopez Public Relations include:

Web Videos
TV Commercials
Company Videos
Company TV Shows


Effective advertising is crucial for building a client base and keeping current clients satisfied. Whether you are looking to create an online or offline advertisement, Debra Lopez Public Relations has you covered. 

Graphic Design
Advertising Campaign Development & Support
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Media Buying
Market Research
Identity Branding
Commercial Jingle & Music Writing

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About us

Milwaukee Marketing Firm Gives You the Best

Our marketing firm has worked with renown individuals such as famous stunt double, Anita Hart, and Milwaukee pro baseball player Martin Maldonado. We know the right people to get your brand recognized and promoted correctly for your industry. Debra Lopez Public Relations also works with news and radio stations, so we can take care of any media production and buying services you need.

Everyone at Debra Lopez Public Relations, from the SEO specialists and web designers to the PR professionals, take pride in their work and want to see you succeed. We will assist you with all of your marketing needs to get you ahead of your competition and help you stay ahead.

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  • High converting design
  • Optimized for mobile
  • SEO for top keywords
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR and Advertising Campaigns


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Muskego Circle Info

Debra and her team consulted on a website project we were working on. The knowledge their team has is immense. We’re confident they guided us in the right direction as we are already seeing results!!!

Wendy Hoffmann

Debra and her team recently produced a few videos for my company to use on social media. I was so impressed with their professionalism throughout the entire project, but what really blew me away was the quality of the videos. I’ll be using their services again, No question!

Zach Evans

Had a great experience with Debra as a publicist. She succeeded in getting me interviews and even landed me one at CBS! Would highly recommend

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